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A single photograph, if it's been carefully shot and composed, can capture something that a dozen quick snapshots never could. The same holds true for video that has been carefully recorded, edited and processed. In the context of the performing arts, the significance of this is obvious, but it is also important in other fields. People attend lectures, rather than simply reading books or interviews, because the voice, facial expressions and demeanor of a good speaker—or even a bad one—add something to their words. Blurry video and unintelligible audio can diminish this substantially, but well-shot footage and well-recorded sound can help compensate for the importance of "being there."

Because we approach each project with a film aesthetic and not a video one, we will spend our time making your images look as good as possible, rather than burying them in ugly effects and flashy transitions. Likewise, we will make your piece sound warm, clean and clear; we can reduce crowd noise, minimize coughs and other interruptions, and even reduce the effects of echo with extremely little effort. We like to treat each project as a whole, and are therefore happy to see a project through from concept to conclusion, designing the DVD and the packaging together and adding special features as requested. On the other hand, if you have footage that's already been shot, only need some sound work done, or want to design the DVD yourself, we're happy to accomodate, and our regular rates will still apply.

We shoot using a JVC GY-DV5000, one of the best DV cameras available and the same camera we're using for our film. In addition to its exceptionally clean, clear image and wonderful color reproduction, the GY-DV5000 can record onto full-sized DV tapes, which means that up to 276 minutes of footage can be recorded without interruption. (Most DV cameras record only onto 60-minute mini-DV tapes.) For simpler projects, we record stereo sound using external microphones and the high-quality preamps on the camera; for more complicated applications or musical performances, we can record up to 8 channels direct to disk using a Mackie 1642-VLZ Pro mixer and 24-bit RME converters. Color correction and processing are done using a high-resolution client monitor, which enables us to notice (and fix) any problems with the footage and helps keep colors consistent on different TVs. DVDs are encoded at the highest possible quality and authored using the full DVD specification, which means that we can provide any special features that the format allows.

If you want a detailed explanation of the choices that we offer, please take a look at the options we provide. For ever greater detail, please consult our F.A.Q.. If you want a simpler overview of the whole process, our price sheet may be helpful.