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Daniel A. Berube - Shooting and Editing

Daniel received a B.A. in film, with honors, from Columbia College, Chicago. As an undergraduate he wrote, directed, produced and edited ten short films, several of which he did cinematography for as well. He has served as a DP, camera operator, AC, clapper/loader, grip, sound mixer, boom operator and production assistant on numerous films as well an editor for two graduate student pieces. He has experience operating a number of 16mm motion picture cameras, including Bolexes, the Arriflex M, S, and BL, the Eclair NPR and the CP16, in addition to DV camcorders including the JVC GY-DV5000, the Sony DSR-300, and the Canon GL-1. He has edited silent film with a Moviola, but usually works with nonlinear digital editing systems such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Avid.

His email address is dberube at yateshousestudios.org.

George M. Collins - Sound, Image Processing, and Design

George, who received a B.A. in English from Harvard College, has composed sound and music for over two dozen theatrical performances, two of which he directed, and has done live sound and recording for over fifty concerts and public forums. To date, he has worked on numerous short films as an editor, color corrector, visual effects technician, sound designer, music composer, sound recordist, postproduction coordinator, and DVD author. He has designed and released a number of books and albums on his own press and record label, in addition to a wide range of flyers, pamphlets and other transient material, some of it created for the theatrical space he has been administrating since 2001. Having worked in a variety of environments, he is familiar with many digital audio, video and layout tools, but is most experienced with Avid, Steinberg and Quark systems.

His email address is gmcollins at yateshousestudios.org.