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For over two years we have been developing, building, and tuning the system which we will use to produce our first feature-length film. This system is now complete, but until late 2004, when we begin production, we won't be working at full capacity, and so we are offering our services to you.

For a reasonable price, we can provide well-shot, expertly edited DVDs of everything from panel discussions to three-act plays, processed as you like and filled with special features. We can record from the audience in a single evening or can shoot from multiple angles over several nights and edit together something closer to a film than to a play. The work we produce can be given to cast and crew, sold as a fundraiser, used in a grant application or as part of a reel—all rights, of course, remain with you. Our involvement can be as extensive or as limited as you want; we can meet detailed specifications without forcing you to manage all the specifics. In general, we seek to bring the care, aesthetic sense and attention to detail found in the film world into the realm of videography and DVD production.

The overview page describes our basic approach, but, if you'd like, you can jump straight to a detailed list of options, our F.A.Q., our qualifications, or our price sheet. If you have any questions, feel free to email us or call (617) 268-9375.

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